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The honorary title is half true in one respect: Garson splits time raising his kid in L. and shooting in New York (like Bomer), so calling him a New Yorker is debatable. The smooth shooter, who lives in the hipster Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, was straight ballin’ in a tailored suit and polarized Ray Bans. Check our talk with Garson below, and you might be more inclined to stop typecasting him as that nebbishy dude who had a big gay wedding in fundraisers for Barack Obama taking place. That’s a long time for someone who doesn’t live here anymore. Doing the movie, there’s always speculation that there will be a third sequel. Up until six months ago he was always saying, ‘You need to be with me,’ and I’d say, ‘Nathen, in a couple of years you’re not going to say that.'” Garson continues, “As he becomes a teen, it’s going to be like, ‘Dad, leave me alone! But for now he doesn’t mind me being around.” The pair, who share a love of food and travel “as long as we stop for ice cream every two hours,” Garson says while recalling a recent European trip with Nathen, have been adjusting perfectly to life as a twosome. “We talk about everything that a lot of his friends’ parents say, ‘I can’t talk to my kid about that.’ We tend to work it out together because we are partners in this.” Adds Nathen, “I used to call him Willie, now I call him Dad.” Father and son have been busy having a blast, which has left little time for Garson’s love life. “But it’s hard for me to justify, when I’m working and I’m away, to then say, ‘I’m going out Tuesday night.’ Where’s the fun in that? Notice how casually Willie's hand is placed around her waist. gay sidekick Stanford Blatch, but after chitchatting with him for a few minutes at an exclusive dinner at NYC’s Perla on Tuesday, it was clear the actor was more interested in being known for his current role as Mozzie, a paranoid-genius con man on USA’s On the show, Mozzie is the trusted confidant of Neal Caffrey, played by recently out (and forever beautiful) Matt Bomer. He’s gay, and I guess since Obama came out of the gay marriage closet he has to go to both of them. Park & Bond threw Tuesday’s fancy feast to fete Garson and Bomer as two of “New York City’s Most Stylish Dads”—yes, Father’s Day is this Sunday (and, yes, they’re both dads). I’m going to neither because I’m going to be at work. So I’ll be working until 10 o’clock all week for a little show on cable called in 1997, and I’ve been shooting with this show and that show since. He has appeared in over fifty movies, usually playing minor roles.He is known for playing Stanford Blatch on the HBO series Sex and the City and in the related films Sex and the City and Sex and the City 2, and for his role as Mozzie, in the USA Network series White Collar from 2009 to 2014.

It’s very interesting, because I’ve been in the same room as Clifford before, but I’ve never met him. I based the character on an old agent I had—someone very, very specific. In every article, it was like, “Willie Garson made it famous.” It was so bizarre. I think often it can be difficult because it’s not that balanced.” And what Garson wanted was to get right to the fun stuff — which is exactly what he did when Nathen, now 12, arrived.I would have dropped him, I would have washed him in the dishwasher,” the single dad jokes.Are celebrities more likely to divorce or break up?Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Willie Garson, 53, and his partner had split up.

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As my mom was worried about me leaving and going to be by myself for obvious reasons, I reassured her I would be okay.

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These girls eventually settle down and end up living a normal life, but have to fill their lives with drama to make their lives feel important like they once were in high school.

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