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For those customers who are running the Solaris version of Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software* on Exalogic will know that the Operating System has been upgraded from Solaris 11 Express to Solaris 11.1.There is a MOS note (ID: 1491906.1) on how to setup NIS on Solaris 11 Express, it has helped a lot of customers to successfully configured NIS on their systems. nis-slave's nis data base has been set up without any errors.The tasks in this chapter then cross reference the equivalent IPv6 tasks in Chapter 7, Configuring an IPv6 Network (Tasks).Before you configure TCP/IP, complete the tasks that are listed in the following table.This AAAA record maps a host name into an 128-bit IPv6 address.The PTR record is still used with IPv6 to map IP addresses into host names.

Finally, don’t forget to relabel the physical box so you can find it in future.Experienced Solaris administrator should be able to follow the above note to configure the same on Solaris 11.1, this article serves the purpose of illustrating the differences between Solaris 11 Express and Solaris 11.1 when the steps are followed and highlights the additional step that is applicable to Solaris 11.1 only. Refer to step 8 of “Steps to Configure NIS Master” The following steps must be performed as root user.This article covers the following: [email protected]:~# pkg info service/network/nis pkg: info: no packages matching the following patterns you specified are installed on the system. # # Internet host table # ::1 nis-master localhost nis-master localhost loghost 192.1 nis-master 192.1 [email protected]:/var/yp# mkdir src [email protected]:/var/yp# cd /etc [email protected]:/etc# cp auto_home auto_master bootparams ethers group hosts netgroup netmasks networks passwd protocols publickey rpc services shadow timezone user_attr /var/yp/src cp: cannot access bootparams cp: cannot access ethers cp: cannot access netgroup cp: cannot access timezone and remove any map from the definition that does not have a corresponding file and will not be used as part of this service. bootparams, ethers, and timezone files do not exist by default and may be removed. Follow step 2 to 4 of the section “Steps to Configure NIS Master” Run the command “/usr/sbin/ypinit -c” to initialize NIS client.The table includes a description of what each task accomplishes and the section in the current documentation where the specific steps to perform the task are detailed.As a network administrator, you configure TCP/IP to run on hosts and routers (if applicable).

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